My mother's husband is disabled and is neglecting my mother of proper health Care. From not being fed in a timely fashion to not receiving her meds correctly. She stays in a soiled diaper causing constant UTI infections. She hasn't had a real bath in over a year. She's fallen 4 times in 3 days. He's begun to alienate her from her family. She's been to the ER twice in 10 days. I feel in my heart of hearts he only has bad intentions. I desperately require someone's help before my mother dies from self, and passive neglect. I've contacted elder services and filed a formal complaint. They are trying but it seems they have way too many I's to dot, and T's to cross before they realize the true harm my mother's in. Please please help me save my mother.

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Could you call police to go over and do a welfare check?

Is your mom in her right mind, and do you think she would agree to come stay with you for a few days so you could take her to her doctor for a checkup?

Have you talked to her husband about your concerns about mom's health?

Sorry for so many questions. Just trying to understand more about your situation. No doubt it sounds like she is not getting proper care, whether it is intentional or unintentional on her husband's part. I'm wondering too what the response of the hospital was as far as her diagnosis and how she was treated there.
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