She is unable to handle her finances, and she moved 2 strangers in.

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I like the suggested article above, and it's pretty close to what happened in my families case. Some siblings agreed and some didn't due to the fact it's our 86yr old mom. I petitioned the court for incompentency/guardianship, w/out a lawyer and against my moms wishes, due to how she was living and what she was doing. I didn't have the medical evidence because no med poa to get evidence from her docs (which is the strongest evidence, if you can get it from her docs/their recommendation for guardianship), but I had factual evidence as too how she was living ie...scammers, money laudering for scammers threw diff banks, sending money out of country to who knows, giving high value things away, her bank records, her unpaid household bills, utilities turned off etc.... I had a "Revoked DPOA", because as she say I started getting in too much of her business (actually a daughters love/concern otherwise probaly jail behind stranger she didn't know). As soon as I filed the petition, the court appointed my mom a lawyer/temp guardian (free); and they did they're job ie..interviewing her docs, neighbors/witnesses, and looking over a few of the documents I had as evidence. I didn't know if I trusted them, due to the fact they was her lawyers, but they came through and got the main evidence needed ie..her doc diagnosis/recommendation that she needed a guardian. Yes, as stated I had some siblings that disagreed w/me but they wasn't here w/us, nor countered my actions w/the be honest nor did they have the $s to fight me on this; but if they did, that's where it could have gotten expensive w/lawyers. Since I had no lawyers it costed me a grand total of $170.00 (filing fee, sheriff serving notice, and emergency hearing (which just speeded up the court date by a week, extra $20); and it was all done in a matter of 1 month. So get all your evidence/facts together, and go to court and file... It's not like it will be a secret, because the court makes you fill out form notifying siblings/relatives that you have petitioned, and makes you swear you informed all concerned by mail (I didn both, mail/phone call). My siblings and I are good w/each other again, but mom is furious at just me.. Oh well, but at least we know where she's at and what/whom she's doing it with... and I pay her bills online as proof of each $ w/her ss, recordable to the Social Security Administration, not the court as judge stated to me, "to keep state out of ss business".
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