Does guardianship matter to securing a final resting place for my parents?


There's an insane amount of arguing about guardianship regarding my parents who are both ill, question is regarding securing a final resting place for them, 3 siblings did the legwork & want to come together and hold a spot, initial cost would be split among the 6 siblings, some of the other 3 were in agreement but another one is saying that guardianship has to be established first, i know that's not the case, the reality is that this person wants to control & have the final say on every little issue, even this.....meanwhile it's not as if anyone else has contributed with any additional ideas,'s the main question: should the 3 that are in clear agreement move forward and put money to hold this spot? whoever the guardian ends up being (sibling or court appointed 3rd party), can they turn around & decide against this decision, and basically say, too bad that the 3 wasted their money, the family member would be capable of that but what about the 3rd party?? wouldn't pre-planning be seen as the responsible thing to do??

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USA, sounds like you decided on a third party. Very good decision! If the resting place is decided it would be difficult for a guardian to change it. But, if the guardianship process has started it would be best to wait until after the appointment. Anything done now, could backfire on you. Could siblings purchase the spots, then in turn sell them to mom and dad when guardian is appointed?
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Is either parent well enough to understand the situation and make plans for a final resting place, etc?

Can the total cost be paid from parents' funds, or will contributions from children be required?

How/when do you intend to resolve the guardianship issue?
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