I'm a New yorker. My siblings stole my Mother's home via a quit-claim deed. The cops said it was civil and a gurdian was put in place. The guardian sold the home, and Mom is in a nursing home, what can I do?

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Just to get a clearer picture of the situation ...

Is this a non-family guardian appointed by the courts? Or a family member? What is the nature of your relationship with this person?

I take it that the "stolen" home was returned to your mother, again through the courts?

Then the guardian decided Mom needed to be in a nursing home (or needed 24/7 care and NH would be the most cost-effective way to arrange that) and sold the house so the funds could be used to pay for NH. Is that about how the situation stands?

You ask what you can do. What do you want to do? Is the NH close enough to you so that you can visit often and maintain your relationship with your Mom? Do you want to be her guardian? Did you apply for that at the time the courts were making their decision? Do you want Mom to be somewhere other than the NH? Where? I doubt that there is anything at all to be done about the house or the money.

Help us understand what you want to have happen at this point, and perhaps members with similar experiences can help you.
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