Clearly the other siblings have made false & unsubstantiated accusations against me. If they had it their way, Mom & I wouldn't communicate at all. Much drama in the past year's protective proceeding.Mother is planning a 5-wk visit with 2 of her kids soon. I want to respond to case manager's phone contact "arrangements" in a positive way ASAP. At the same time let her know I'm not happy about this restriction. She has no info regarding the family dynamic except what she's heard from them. Any immediate suggestions/input will be most appreciated. Thank you.

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Tanwind88: From what you said, it does sound like you have no recourse. For whatever reason a guardian has been appointed and has the right to make decisions. As Jeanne said above, our comments are made in the hopes of having you show the Guardian that more access to your mom is appropriate and will not create stress for your mom.

While it's a hardship for you, if you can travel and have some hours of supervised visitation, it would hopefully set you on a good path for increased phone contact.

I agree it's hurtful and unfair. If you can, put that aside. Try to do what will move you forward and help you get what you want. If you can get counseling, it would be a good place to vent your hurt and frustration and also get some support during this difficult time.

Best wishes to you, Cattails
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You may very well be right, and you are not respected or listened to by the new guardian. Life is not always fair, and this may be a painful example of unfairness.

Cat and I were trying to address the issue of what to do about it. It looks like we have similar ideas that patiently and consistently demonstrating that your visits are not harmful to your mother is the best way to get to your goal of being allowed more access to her. It may not be "fair" that you have to do this, and I don't blame you for being angry and upset. I just don't see how you can use your anger to get what you want.

It sounds like this has been a really tough year for you. Are you in counselling? Sharing your anger with the guardian probably isn't going to be helpful, but discussing it with a therapist could be very useful.

Good luck!
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Thank you jeannegibbs and cattails. I'd like to stay on topic. I'm 500-miles from Mom. Due to financial circumstances, it's not feasible to visit as often as I'd like. I was "allowed" a 4-hour supervised visit each day over a 2-day period earlier this month. That didn't occur due to my end. I'm feeling the bias. I thought guardians were supposed to listen to all the facts before forming an opinion. I'm just not seeing it. I'd been Mom's caregiver for a vey long time. I'm feeling disrespected and not given my due input. Thank you.
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I like Jeanne's suggestion. I don't know what your financial circumstances are or the distance involved in traveling to see your mom, but maybe you could work out something with the case worker that would allow you to visit your mom in the future.

Put your best foot forward and be consistent. Sorry you are having this issue. Has to be sad for you. Cattails
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How about something to this effect ...

"I will respect the restrictions you've placed on my contact with my mother. I know that your intention is for her best interest. I hope that over time you will see that contact with me is not detrimental to Mother, in spite of what my siblings are claiming. Can we please reevaluate this restriction at the end of October, when you have had time to observe our family dynamics?"
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