I'm referring to my MIL's visitors who drop in etc. My MIL is 89 years old and has Alzheimer's. She is not verbal and lays in a bed in my living room all day. I am a widow and so it is just me and her. My brother in law is a "drop in" and it drives me crazy. As MIL doesn't speak..........he talks non stop to me. He lines up 4-5 beers on my porch outside and then appears at the door with one in hand. I have to wait till all the beers are gone before he leaves. This happens irregularly..........any time of the day.......any day, I can't predict it. When I ask him to let me know when he's coming, he is vague and says he just stops by on a moments notice when he gets a chance. Arrrrgh.

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Sorry, it is your house and you can limit when visiting hours are allowed. You are not running a 24 hour public facility. Is he drinking at your house because he is not allowed to drink at home? That could be the reason for constant visits.

I like Pam's idea! Good luck!
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Thanks for the responses. He and my husband were not close at all and - never socially. Nothing in common. I get frustrated by the visits but I can't really tell him he's not allowed to see his mother any time he wants to. After all...........she's his mom - not mine. BTW He takes at least one bathroom break for every beer. Ugh. Thanks for listening. I will try to work up the guts to ask him to wash the floor!! Love that comment
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YES. I guess I'm not one of those entertainer-type people. I never have been. Don't get me wrong, I love throwing a nice Christmas party for the family, etc - but don't drop in on me at home unexpected. I like to have notice that someone is coming over so I can make sure the house is clean, etc. I don't know why that is, but it *really* bothers me when someone shows up unannounced.

When I was married, my then-husband's sister would call her mother (who lived with us) and tell her she was coming for a weekend visit. MIL would forget to tell me, and I would have plans for the weekend with my kids, etc - which I then had to change to entertain the visitors. Put me in a rotten mood all weekend. I finally stopped changing my plans and told them it was fine to come and visit, but if they couldn't do me the courtesy of calling ME and notifying me of their visit (because MIL would forget to do so), since this was MY house, not MIL's, then they were on their own as far as entertainment, because I wasn't changing my plans anymore.
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I would drink half the beers and I would ask him to wash dishes, do laundry and cook a meal, maybe even mop the floor. That's a true test of whether he wants to help or if he is just being a nuisance.
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