I'd love to find an organization that might organize these kinds of trips. My 82 year old step-dad has mild dementia and loves to travel. He can't go alone anymore and he is bored and restless. I'd love to give him something more to look forward to than the short trips with me but I can't take the time off from work and family to go on regular longer jaunts with him, which he would like to do. He'd like to go for a weekend or up to a week at a time.

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Wow, wouldn't that be great? They would certainly have to have a lot of caregivers along!

Can he afford to pay for a friend to accompany him?
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Can you envision a bus full of people with dementia and only a couple of caregivers? Now imagine them stopping for meals and getting everyone settled for the night. There are lots of senior friendly bus trips in my area, but you need to belong to the seniors clubs to ever hear about them. People with mild dementia like your dad may enjoy these trips, but the reality is that they each need a companion to help keep them oriented and on schedule. Perhaps you could pay for a friend's trip or hire a companion for him.
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