I have been caring for my mom with Alzheimers for nearly 18 months. Not coinicidentally my COBRA health insurance coverage will expire February 1. It seems that there would be interest in a group health policy that covers caregivers, but I have not found anything on the internet. Additionally, health insurance for caregivers would be in the best interest of the population. If the caregiver is able to find an affordable health insurance program, then they will be able to continue providing care for a longer period of time, thus reducing costs of care for the one needing it. I am in Colorado and have checked AARP for health insurance availability for myself, but that plan is not offered here.

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Hi GladImHere -

If you meet certain criteria, you may be eligible for coverage under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). This may give you access to similar health plans at a slightly higher cost, but without medical underwriting or pre-existing condition waiting periods. Someone who is eligible for HIPAA must meet all of the following criteria:

1. Have elected and exhausted health insurance benefits through a COBRA or similar group, state, or federal continuation. This would include the Federal Employee Health Benefits Program (FEHBP), FEHBP Temporary Continuation of Coverage (TCC), or state continuation coverage, if available.
2. Have 18 months of creditable coverage with the most recent coverage under an employer-sponsored plan, governmental plan, church plan, or a health benefit plan offered in conjunction with any of these plans. Certificates of creditable coverage must indicate at least 18 months of aggregate health insurance coverage.
3. Have no more than a 62-day break in coverage.
4. Be ineligible for Medicare A or B, Medicaid, or any other employer-sponsored plan.
5. Not be covered by any other health insurance plan.
6. Not have had prior coverage terminated because of failure to pay the required premium or because you committed fraud.

Al that being said, if you're in relatively good health you may find health insurance for less.

Go online to Put in your zip code, date of birth and gender (that's all) and you should see dozens of plans available from name-brand insurance companies designed specifically for people under the age of 65.

If you find something that might work for you, pick up the phone and call one of their agents. Chat, and see what they can do for you. You should know that if you have a pre-existing condition, the HIPPA plan (though expensive) may be your only option.
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Caregivers are the most underrepresented group in America. We lose our carers, we go financial bankrupt, we are disrespected by the medical community, by our own parents or family we are caregiving. At least offer us work credits from medicare, at least we have disability if we end up needing it. Our friends also avoid it's because they don't want to hear about any of our trials. We save the US government millions a year that the system would have have to pay if there were no caregivers. It costs the state of Florida 60ka year to place someone in a nursing home, 60,000.00 a year, yet they only give me 12,000.00 a year to take care of my mom at home thru a medicaid waiver program, an hour a day to shower her, a few hours of respite care.
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Have you tried the website it will tell you if you qualify for free healthcare, it depends in what state you are in. In Florida we have free clinics of you are low income, i would contact local churches. I would discuss the situation with your parents, and tell them that if the caregiver had no insurance and something happens b/c you have no insurance, where will they btw? Your anxiety probably it's coming from the uncertainty of not having insurance
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I used eHealthinsurance and ended up having to block numbers on my cell phone for a year. Whatever you do, don't give them your phone number.

I am self employed, so have to buy my own insurance. After looking through different options I decided on BC/BS Preferred Care. I am 60 years old and pay around $350 a month for medical and dental. The deductible and copay are reasonable. I will still go bankrupt if I had a serious illness, but I will go bankrupt less quickly. Preferred Care can be purchased until the age of 65. People who qualify for Medicare don't qualify for Preferred Care. You might want to look at it and see if it fits your needs.
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Family, especially has absolutely no understanding or compassion for what caregiving does to a person. I guess we cannot expect the government to do so, it would require too much support from the population to even begin to develop such a plan. But I am with you all4glorygod.
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This isn't an answer, but I saw no place for comments.
The company I worked for, for 25 years was sold, and I was suddenly out of work.
My parents were looking for someone they felt comfortable with for a live in care-giver, so I took on the task.
I have been taking care of my folks for the past eight years. 24/7/365
Without insurance, I haven't seen a doctor for myself for nearly the same time.
Recently I suffered what I believed to be a panic attack, as I have had them in the past. Now I'm not so sure it was a panic attack, the Emergency room as always is a last resort, and finding a doctor at this point will definitely wipe out what little savings I've got left. I really like your idea about a group caregiver health insurance plan. It's hard enough worrying about your loved ones health issues without having to worry about whether you'll be there tomorrow for them.
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