Hi, I'm not asking this question about my father (who won't care for himself or let anyone else care for him; he has white cheese in his eye this morning, and he won't even use a wet wash cloth to wipe it out). I'm asking about my Great Uncle. He's 83. His wife died in the 70's, and they had no kids. He relies on his nieces and nephews for emergencies like now. My mother was one of his nieces. Her sister finally got him to go to the ER last week. He was in pain. It turns out he broke a vertebrae last February shoveling snow. He also has really badly infected legs which are finally being treated. He can barely walk. He had surgery Thursday and is living with my youngest uncle. His wife (also my late mother's best friend) can't deal with him; he's very needy, and she has a full time job. So, my great uncle need's rehab but he was denied Medicare help for rehab or any kind of care (in home or in a facility). My aunt and uncle shouldn't have to pay for his care but she's hiring someone for now with their money. My uncle has no liquid cash (he says), just his home, probably worth $300,000 but it's a disaster inside. He's a hoarder, never cleans, and his lived alone since his wife died. Does he have any option for long term care aside from selling his home? Medicare apparently doesn't give a d*#$ that he can't care for himself. Thanks.

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Medicare doesn't pay for longterm care. Medicaid does. Go to the Eldercare tab at the top of this page.
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