My husband and I have 3 children and it's time for mom to not live on her own. I need more room but need help with either a deposit for a more suitable home or changes to my present home.
Are there grants available for this?

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Joint tenants with right if survivorship, sorry
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If your mom is selling a home can she use some of that to help you but a bigger house? If so, make sure her name is on deed with you and husband with right of survivorship and her interest in house will not be included in her estate.
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Blakebug, sorry no grants to help you pay to add an inlaw suite to your home. Check with a local bank to see if you can obtain a loan at a good interest, or get an equity-line-of-credit from the equity in your house.

If cash is tight, and you add your Mom to the household, will you and hubby be able to pay for the extra costs? Or will Mom pay you some funds each month to help out?
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I've not heard of any grants such as you describe.

I see nothing in your profile about how old your mother is or what her health conditions are.

What is her situation?

Who is going to be taking care of her?

Does she have any finances to use to pay for extra help?

What is your relationship with your mother like?

Are you her only child or do you have siblings?

How does your husband feel about all of this? What is your husband's relationship with your mother like?

What are the ages of your 3 children?

What is the relationship like between your children and your mother?

I would encourage you to read the stories here about people who have brought an aging, unhealthy parent home to live.

It sounds from your question that your current house would be cramped to have her move in?

Are there not other options of where to live like assisted living?

How strong is your marriage?
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