My mother in law's grandson calls asking for money every month when she gets her Social Security.

What can you do? It’s her money.

This is your mother in law. Let your husband deal with it. Is your husband in your life?
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My Mum is competent, but gives my eldest son money all the time. Then complains that he does not pay her back. The last time it was $8000. He promised to pay her back when he got his inheritance from his paternal grandmother's estate. He got that money and spent it all.

I refuse to discuss it with her/ She has done this since he was a teen and he is 35. I do not give him money as he is capable of earning a better income than I do in his trade. He just chooses not to work at times.
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My friend's father and his second wife had her grown daughter (from a previous marriage), her daughter and her daughter's drug addict boyfriend move in. The three of them robbed the parents blind - down to taking furniture out of the house and literally eating all their groceries. When my friend finally proved it to her dad and he got angry, the second wife called the police, they put him in custody and then a home, and he died two weeks later (of Covid). My friend SWEARS that her "stepsister" caused his death. IMHO, the amount of money doesn't matter; the who took it; when did it start; etc. DOES NOT matter. It's time to call the Senior Abuse Hotline (even if you do it anonymously) and they'll swoop right in.
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Oklady, since this is your Mom-in-law, can your hubby [if he is still in the picture] talk to his mother? Mom's tend to listen to their sons.

How much money is the grandson getting? When did this all start? And who told you this is happening? Does your Mom-in-law live with you and the grandson calls the house, or does Mom-in-law have her own cellphone?
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Is the grandmother competent to do this? If so it is her choice and there's little to do about it. If not, she needs protection and APS should be called. Is there a POA to protect her if she has lost competency? We need a good deal more information from you in order to try to give you any advice about what to do.
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