Grandpa wants to pay me for my time. Is this guilt normal?


I've been caring for grandma and helping grandpa with bills and such (he is in a nursing home). He wants to pay be for the work I've been doing. I am very worried about their financial situation as MED A has stopped paying for him in the nursing home, and tricare says they will only cover 75% of room and board, the rest will be out of pocket. We could use the financial help at the moment, but at the same time, i feel very guilty about the idea of taking money from my grandparents. Is this guilt normal? and if they pay me, is it going to cause problems if we have to seek out help to cover grandpa's out of pocket expenses?

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So beautiful to see a grandchild helping, a grandparent grateful and wanting to compensate and again a grandchild clearly doing it for love and not compensation.
Your family is rich in love and kindness.
If you think it would hurt him to turn down the money, accept it and put it in savings in case he needs it, if he does not need it, spend it on something worthwhile in his memory.
God Bless you and your family.
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I think thats a good idea, ask him help with something... I have thought about asking to borrow tools for my home repair project... I just have always had a hard time asking favors.. and he is the same way.. but i think if i ask for help with things, he may feel like he is offering me compensation of some sort...

I didn't really think about how him wanting to pay me may be in relation to him feeling independence, but you are probably right.. thank you.
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It's normal to feel guilty, and it's normal for him to want to pay you, it gives him a sense of independence. How you handle this is delicate. Maybe you could ask him to help you with History homework. He has a lot to share.
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