Grandmother would like me to take over the house, car, and funeral arrangements etc, any advice?


My grandmother has just been placed in a nursing home because she fell and broke her hip and suffered a stroke. I have recently spoken with her and she would like me to take over the house, car, and funeral arrangements etc... I am very close with my grandmother so we have spoken briefly about these things. My family on that side, well lets say they are not wanting to step in with the exception of my mother who does not have the means, nor my uncle who suggest that it okay that I step in. Weird.. Nevertheless, this is my grandmother who has help raise me and I would like to help in any way I can.

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Thank you all for your wisdom on the matter. I will act quickly to ensure that all things are done correctly. I have reached out to an elderly law attorney, wanting return call. Again, thank you.
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AGIFTFROMGOD, just need clarification. Does your Grandmother want you to continuing making mortgage payments, real estate tax payments, utilities, and any other item required for the house from your own money, or will Grandmother give you access to her saving/checking account? If the latter, then as Sue mentioned above, you would need to have your name on the Grandmother's saving/checking accounts.

Same with the car? Or does Grandmother mean that you will inherit the house and car? If the latter, this has to be in Grandmother's Will. Otherwise, if Grandmother has no Will, then it would be up to a Probate Judge to distribute the assets as per State law. It could mean your Mom and Mom's siblings get the house and car.

Now regarding the funeral. Does Grandmother already have a grave site purchased and a pre-paid funeral? If not, do you need to do those things and Grandmother will pay you? Or will this come out of your pocket? Funerals and grave sites today can be costly.

So, get that clarification as soon as possible.
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An elder law attorney can set her up with signing you on as her Power of Attorney for financial and health.
(Check out your local Senior Center for a recommendation or referral. Ours worked on a donation basis.)

You need to understand her last wishes. A POLST form from the hospital or nursing home outlines what she wants and doesn't want for her final days.

Are you on her bank accounts so you can pay the bills? If not, see if there is a way to do that with the bank (since she probably can't go there).

Good luck. This is a big job.
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Consult an elder attorney. Get everything in writing from your grandmother. Cover everything.
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Firstly, you need to be comfortable with it.

Now see a lawyer and get it all put in writing.

Good luck
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