My grandmother keeps asking me to not leave and stay with her. Is she okay?

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Amber, we need more information, please. What medical issues or memory issues does your grandmother have? Does she live alone? In her own house, or in a senior facility? Is she a fall risk?

When we get older, like in our senior years, it can become scary to be home alone. Too many thing can happen to us. We can fall and not be able to get up. Or we can pass out and not found for days. It's always nice to someone else in the house, etc.

Does your grandmother have any grown children who are still alive and well? If yes, you might want to start a conversation with them telling them that their Mom doesn't want to be on her own.

Of course it could be the case where your parents or aunts/uncles tried to get grandmother a caregiver to come to help her, and your grandmother refused. Some elders don't like have strangers in the house.

Whatever you do, limit the amount of time you spend with your grandmother... you don't want to enable her to keep staying in the house and always wants you 24 hours a day. She needs to hire some help or moved to Independent Living where she would have a nice apartment.
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Ambermarie, can you give us some more information? Where does your grandmother live? Does she have any medical issues?
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