she is old and needs care no one can stay awake with her ? what can we do to make her sleep at night ? although she can not walk or leave bed by herself

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Ashley gave me some great articles to read for basically the same issue with my mother. My mother is able to get up and get around so she is able to do things that will make her tired. You do not say if your grandmother is on any medications. i know there are many medications that can help with sleep is dementia and Alzheimers. My mother was on Remeron and it really allowed her to sleep but after 2 months she began getting headaches and we could not determine if it was the Remeron or Celexa so she was taken off both.

Now the doctor has gone in an opposite direction as he wanted to put her on anti-psychotics but I wanted only enough medication to allow her to be under control but mot doped up and sleeping all the time. The doctor put her on Ativan during the day and told us to try Melatonin 5 mg that you buy from the Health Food Store. She refused to take the pills as she does not want anything to make her sleep. So I was frustrated and upset then thought...No I am not going to let this get to me. I began calling Health Food Stores and found Melatonin 5 mg in liquid and unflavored so I can mix it in her night time ice cream or snack.

I had only slept for 3 hours the night before due to Mom being up and down and in my bedroom to keep checking on the dog that sleeps under my bed. I was wonderful that the Melatonin worked so well! Mom got tired, got ready for bed, went to bed and watched TV and fell asleep and was up by 7 am but it was better than not sleeping for being up at 5 am!!!!

Tonight is only my second night, but I am hoping for the best again this evening. So far so good!!! Praise God!!!!

I can tell you that Source Naturals makes the Melatonin pills 5 mg. I tried one first because I wanted to know what my mother could experience with them. It acted quiet fast on me and I slept so very well! I do take seizure medication (Keppra) and I don't know if that had anything to do with it, but if anyone needs something, this seems to work well.

I think you need to talk to Grandmas doctor first and see what he thinks about her not sleeping at night. If he thinks it is okay, then I would try the Melatonin 3 mg or 5 mg in liquid. Mine only takes 4 drops, NOT DROPPERFUL BUT 4 DROPS.

I hope you are able to figure this out for grandma and I know how bad you must feel with her laying awake.

God Bless You All!!
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Hello khaled,

Here are a few more similar questions that have been answered in the community that may help answer your caregiving question.

Hope this helps.

Ashley T.
The Team
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What if you leave her TV on for her, or soft music?
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