Last summer gMa with dementia refused to sleep in her own bedroom despite it being far cooler that the living room. We live in SoCal so it gets pretty warm. anyway we feel it’s messing with boundaries and that it’s unsafe, seeing that it’s not close to the bathroom for her and that it’s right next to the front door, but its also easier for my sister and I to keep a close watch when she’s in her room right down the hall. This sort of behavior tends to come when she says she’s bored, but she also refuses to leave the house. This behavior is coming back around now that it is warming up. Is this common? Is there a name for it? How can we make her more comfortable in her room & how can we make her not bored?

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I wonder if it is lonliness more than boredom - a feeling that she wants to be in the centre of things instead of tucked out of the way. Perhaps if you make a bedtime ritual where you shut off all the lights and all leave the living room before she falls asleep.
Also since this seems to be happening only in the summer I wonder if that pleasant coolness in her bedroom isn't pleasant for her, maybe check for drafts and/or close the vents.
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She refuses to leave the house. I missed that part. Sorry. Does she like card games, puzzles, word search?
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If you are afraid of her stepping outside, put an alarm on the door, and perhaps a lock that she may not be able to reach or is tough for her to unlock.

Have you heard of sundowners? Kinda comes around late afternoon, Try to keep her busy. You say you are in So Ca. They have adult Day care in some areas. Look online for Adult day care centers in your neighborhood. Salvation Arm, Sage House may know of some places in your area.

Play her favorite music, dance with her. Get a dime store plastic ball, one of the big ones, I got disney princess one, very colorful, and I would play catch with mom. She got fed up one afternoon and threw it right back at me. She was done for the day.

If she can walk, take her for a walk up and down the street if it's safe. Point out flowers and different plants, and ask her if she knows what it is,or if she likes it. Sing the alphabet with her, Talk, Read, Sing, like the commercial says. Count out loud the number of steps you are taking. Go through the months of the year, days of the week. etc.

Give her towels or soft things from laundry to fold.
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