moved soon 2 hours away from anyone she knows-no one to physically monitor her care. gma has been well cared for by other family members at home. this dau is like a bi-polar person and needs help herself, mean to everyone. She illegally got gma to sign papers with corrupt attorney making her poa, changed banks...

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lovin, who was the previous Power of Attorney or is this the first one? What does the family member who was taking care of Grandmother saying about this? Was there caregiver burn out by the previous caregiver?

What do you think are the reasons that your Grandmother's daughter is moving her to another location? And how do you know Grandmother will be left alone?

Since Grandmother has Alzheimer's, is there a medical document written by a doctor stating this fact, and to how far long is she into this memory loss? This is important.

It would be unethical for an Attorney or even a Notary to sign legal documents if your Grandmother was showing signs of memory loss.

How are you getting all this information?

If you can fill us in on more facts, we would gratefully appreciate it.
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If grandma is competent, she can assign a new Power of Attorney.
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