Grandma with Alzheimer, daughter with POA that spent all her money. How can we get POA changed back?

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My grandmother moved in with her youngest daughter. She made grandma give her POA - within months all her money was gone and she called cops to come get her own 83 year old mother and now in retirement home. How do we get POA changed back over to oldest daughter? Grandma has Alzheimer. Sad because youngest daughter doesn't even see her anymore.

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POA can only be revolked and reissued by ur grandmother. She is not competent to do this. Guardianship is the only way and that cost money. The one daughter needs to bring charges against the other for abusing her responsibility of POA. Moms money is to be used for Mom not for personnal use.
You don't say whether you are in the United States. If your Grandma was admitted to retirement home, someone has to have signed to pay for that. If Grandma was admitted Medicaid pending, and youngest daughter spent all her money, you DO NOT want power of attorney. The nursing home will be seeking someone to pay the bill. Let the state chase youngest daughter for the money taken wrongly, and your family can visit as positive family. Unless plan is to take Grandma to live with one of you, if she becomes a ward of the state, they will find a way to pay for it. And chase down the person who took G's money.
How do we go about bringing charges? Can EPS (Elder Protective Services) do anything? Would they have the capabilities to get POA changed? I looked into Guardianship but it is expensive. My grandmother worked so hard to save money to be split between the children and she has spent it ALL. Now monthly check she gets goes to nursing home.
She does live in the United States. They spent all her savings. She makes enough to cover the expense at the nursing home and has very little money left over. Problem is now they don't care for her and we have to make sure she has clothes and any other necessities she needs and we don't mind..but... she went to hospital for several days and no one notified us. Only the sister with POA and she had changed her number. She could have passed with no family around. Younger sister never visits her. I'm not even sure if it's worth getting changed now. but frustrating when our hands are tied and can't do anything about it.
I would check with Legal Services and see what u maybe able to do. But like said, she is in a home so someonevis footing the bill. Yes, they take what money she has for her care but she must have a small allowance that Medicaid allows for items they don't provide. It may only be $35 a month but the amount rolls over. U can buy her clothing with this just show receipts. I agree that at this point leave well enough a lone. Let the state go after daughter. Just be there for GMom. I would ask that another child be listed for emergency purposes if POA can't be contacted. At time of death, POA is revoked. Hopefully POA was not also executor if GM had a will. If no will, then a blood relative can claim the body.
Call Adult Protective Services. They will direct you to the number to call for the DA to prosecute the youngest daughter. She will be dealing with felony theft charges. She will need to prove that she gave used all of that money for Grandma's benefit.

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