My 99-year-old grandma sleeps about 10-11 hours and wakes to eat. Is this okay?


And drink stays wake for about 10- 15 minutes and right back to sleep had two bouts with dehydration and 1 with Uti and 1 with low hemoglobin a fast heart rate, before this was sitting up 5 or 6 hours per day.

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Swilliams3, it is normal for someone who is pushing 100 years old to sleep a lot... they had a VERY long life, they are tired.

Is Grandmother taking any new medicine that might make her feel very sleepy? That can add more hours to her sleep cycle. Blood pressure pills can drown one out.

Are there things that Grandmother can do? Boredom can put someone to sleep quickly, I know it does for me and I am only in my 70's. I can fall asleep in front of the computer :P

Have Grandmother checked to see is she is low on vitamin B12 or any other vitamins. That might help if there is one or two on the low side to be increased.
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How long has this been happening? If you haven't already called your grandmother's doctor for advice, do so straight away.

I'm sorry you're having to go through this worrying experience. Take consolation from keeping your grandmother as comfortable and easy in her mind as you can. Please let us know how you're getting on.
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Her body is doing what it needs to. If you think clearly, Why don't you bring a nurse to -assess- her condition?... maybe it is time to hydrate her with a drip (this could help to administer medication!). Even with this on she doesn't need to be bed bound. ..because during those minutes when she is awake...she could have her 'social time'.. assisting her in the shower and feeling a human being again (bring meaningful activities every day, like discovering past relatives online -genealogy software- or by using skype to talk with grandchildren -or grandgrandchildren-) . While she sleeps she will be hydrated and med being administered...By her naturally feeling useful, she could start picking up again the rythm she had before. Give her a hug from my part.
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