Grandma had poop on her hands already. Took about an hour to convince her to go to the bathroom to wash her hands instead of flicking it on to the ground. She finishes up washing her hands and heads back to her room. What does she do there? She poops in her commode. What was wrong with the perfectly fine toilet 2 feet over from where she was washing her hands?

I take it that she has been diagnosed with cognitive decline or dementia? That kind of behavior isn't unusual for someone with that condition. They may do all kinds of things that we don't understand. It's just that they are not able to think clearly or process information. That's why they do unusual things. Toileting seems to be a very common theme for odd behavior though. She may be at stage where she needs constant supervision with her toileting.

Have you read the book entitled The 36 Hour Day? It's a guide to caring for someone who has dementia. It offers insight and practical advice.
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