My Grandma has been sleeping more and more every day. I think she may be awake, 3-4 hours, if we're lucky. Sometimes she will get up to eat, wait a few, then go back to bed for another 4 hours. I am concerned that this may be the next stage of Alzheimers. She is 84 and was diagnosed about 9 yrs ago. She has been on medications to help slow the progress., she just wants to sleep. She sleeps all night, except the few times she gets up to use the bathroom. If you try to keep her up, she gets very agitated and says she just wants to rest for a few minutes. I am aware that she has steadily declined over the last 6 months. Her daughter cares for her and I moved in to help care for BOTH of them. I think her daughter is in denial and doesn't seem to be concerned with her sleeping all day, every day. Maybe because she herself likes to sleep 12-15 hours every night! I see the decline in my Grandma, I wonder if this means she may not make it another year.

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