Why is my Grandfather upset about me not going back to his house even though he has help in the morning?


I left at 5:30 this morning, he was alone for an hour , then his hired help that comes in twice a week came in and was suppose to stay until 9:30am but he tells them to go after 1-2 hrs! Then, his home care nurse is coming, physical therapist and a neighbor will be there all morning cleaning with her machine.. But yet, hes upset that I wont be there to? Why?

I finally have a chance to actually go to the store and somewhat clean my house. Oh and take care of the animals we have here, take a bath, get my kids school stuff ready ahead of time..( a whole 12 hours) etc... and hes mad at me!

Why is he doing this? These people he trusts too, so its not a trust issue.

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pamstegman, it makes sense now, and Im trying to throw it aside.. its not easy.

Eyerishlass, I think your right, he does enjoy their company. And I know he's in good hands too.

Thank u both!
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And to piggy back onto Pam's comment, once your back is turned and his other helpers get there he's probably fine and enjoying the attention.
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You have spoiled him rotten with all your kindness. He's like a toddler who keeps yelling "I want my mommy!" You tell the child you are going to the store and you will be back at a certain time. And you go. If he wants to throw a tantrum, that is his problem. Toss the guilt aside.
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