I am living with and caring for my 92 year old Grandfather who has bone cancer. For some reason he never got Medicare part A, although he does have part B. He has Blue Cross also, but they recently stopped approving any rehabilitation stays that he has needed after being in the hospital. They also stopped covering any home health besides a short stint of home PT and OT. What can I do? As far as I know he can only apply during an enrollment period at the end of the year, but he needs it now.

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Hi Morgie,

There are a few reasons why person may not have Medicare Part A. For example, we've worked with people who have not worked 40 quarters or 10 years in a job where they paid payroll taxes into the Medicare system.

Other issues we've seen are related to the Medicare system where-in Medicare does not “grant” Medicare Part A due to citizenship or some other entitlement issues.

If these issues are present when you become eligible for Medicare, you can purchase Medicare Part A for a monthly premium at that time, but auto enrollment does not happen.

I would strongly encourage you to call 1 800-Medicare to get some additional information of what happened with Part A. Once you find out, they can direct you toward alternatives. You can also always give us a call at eHealthMedicare at 1-877-543-6609 / TTY User 711
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