My grandfather (90) has a red spot on his tail bone, will it become worse in the coming days?


I just started doing this turning but couldn't adhere to the exact 2 hour position changing protocol. Any suggestion to overcome this would be greatly appreciated.

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The more you know before approaching the Dr the better the out come. MDs simply don't have the time or the inclination to research everything they asked to prescribe. there are wound care specialists available and they will be the best people to help with GF's red patch. There are also many pieces of equipment available to help keep pressure off certain parts.
Things like foam wedges egg crate mattresses and alternating pressure mattresses and special boots. The old standby a doughnut shaped cushion is not longer in favor because it is thought to transfer the pressure to the buttocks.
From personal experience a donut hole pillow provides instant relief but as with all things use in moderation.
alternating pressure mattresses are plastic and very hot plus the patient keeps slipping down the bed which is uncomfortable.
Two hourly turning as others have said is no possible for a lone caregiver so maybe using a pressure mattress at night and frequent repositioning during the day may be the answer,
The most comfortable place to be personally is in a recliner which has the added advantage of allowing the feet to be elevated which helps with swelling of the legs and feet. I also sleep in mine because I have to stay at a 30 degree angle when using my feeding tube which I do overnight.
With all of this there is no right or wrong way just whatever works best in your situation.
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Thanks for the insights cwillie, yes the redness is kind of permanent even after gentle pressing. What does it implies ? Does it means that the capillaries has damaged any how ? Should i wait till the doctor prescribing a prevention aiding product or i should start looking in to something and suggest him that ?
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You can also get cleverly engineered cushions that keep all weight off the area - look on line for the type that you think will suit his posture and dimensions best, or ask an OT. But even with all the equipment, repositioning is still the only real way to prevent pressure sores beginning or worsening. If you're going to find it difficult to keep on top of it (2-hourly 24/7 is not possible indefinitely for one person, for obvious reasons), speak up and get help. Meanwhile - well caught!
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Mark, it is so good that you are addressing this right away, as pressure sores can go from bad to horrible in a matter of hours or days! The turning side to side, and repositioning is imperative, to the best of your ability, but its probably best if you get himbto a Dr, and maybe even a wound care specialist, to have it looked at, and have the appropriate medications and barrier creams to help circumvent a worsening of this red spot. What we can't see, is whats brewing under the surface, and these sores, once out of control, are very hard to heal, and will be a constant source of concern forever! This will need to be checked frequently, even after it has returned to normal, as your Grandfather's habits of sitting/laying in one position will pro never change. I know, as I care for my FIL'S backside sore, and have to monitor it frequently, and it has "Bloomed" out of control, multiple times over the last two years. We now have the special meds to counteract this, but even once in a while, he still needs medical attention for it. Good luck, and good for you for catching it before it becomes a huge issue!
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I see you have posted several variation of this Mark. Is the redness always there, does the colour not blanch when gently pressed?
It is good you are alert to the possibility of pressure sores. The best defence is to relieve the pressure. Even small movements make a difference, it doesn't have to be a complete turn over, just a re-positioning. Place a pillow behind his back to get him off his tailbone. Can he spend any part of his day sitting up?

It will take a surprising amount of time to heal, my mom had a similar stage 1 spot on her hip and it was a month before it returned to normal, so don't immediately assume what you are doing isn't working. The alternating air mattresses and overlays seem to be the gold standard for pressure relief, if grandfather qualifies for hospice they may be provided for him.

You might also try searching this site using the search function on the upper right, I know this has come up several times.
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