My grandfather was just diagnosed with colon cancer. He has cardiac issues and has had a stroke. Does he have to have the surgery?


He recovered beautifully from a leg amputation surgery last year.

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Having successfully endured a major surgery with anesthetic last year for the leg amputation,if nothing has changed that part of it should be OK. No guarantees for an elder sick person with other issues but the odd seem to be in his favor.
Next question is whether or not he wants to do it.
Is it just a small cancer that does not seem to have spread?
if it is the latter then the prognosis has to be weighed against the side effects of months of RT and Chemo which are unlikely to be pleasant.
With a prognosis of a few months he may just wish to enjoy whatever time he has left with family and friends.
Be guided by grandpa'a wishes.
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Dear Aileen,

I'm very sorry to hear about your grandfather's diagnosis. This is a very difficult question to answer. What does your grandfather think? If he is mentally sound, he should be making this decision based on all the information the doctors can give him. Everyone is so different. I have heard of elders in their 90s pursuing chemo and radiation while others refuse. I hope you'll help your grandfather make the best decision based on his needs and wants.
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Aileen you can only reach a decision with the help of your grandfather's doctors. The first question I'd ask them is "what happens if he doesn't have the surgery, and how will you care for him?"

It's a question of what you're hoping to achieve, and what it's worth putting him through to get there.
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Yes, details needed. How far has the colon cancer spread? What surgery will he have - Bowel resection & colostomy? Chemo? Radiation? How old is he? 
He will need pre op clearance by his PCP and cardiology prior to surgery, and maybe neurology clearance due to the CVA. 
Talk it over with your family and your grandfather and find out how he wants to proceed. Is he competent to make such a decision?
Sorry you and your family are going through this. Best wishes for him!
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Is he also diabetic? What does he want to do?
What stage is cancer? What does cardio say? Is he handicapped from stroke? Many issues that could affect his decision. Not easy to give an opinion without knowing the whole scenario. What's the prognosis without surgery? Would he need chemo or radiation?
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