My parents got their green cards 6 months ago and they are over 65. I was wondering if they can get free health insurance?


My parents don't have any income and they need health insurance and food assistant if it is possible.

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I recommend applying for benefits and let the agency sort it out. Some states have programs in addition to the usual well known federal programs. I currently work in public welfare. Let the experts figure it out for you. If they apply and get denied, no harm done. And on the other hand there may be benefits available to them. There are many ways to come into the country without being sponsored.
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Usually parents who come from the old country need to purchase their own health insurance... my friend's in-laws were able to get good insurance from Kaiser... my friend's husband and his two siblings had to chip in to help pay the monthly premium. Thank goodness they had it, as the parents were in and out of the hospital for one thing after another.

Now once the elderly parents become U.S. citizens, then one can check with Medicaid. The parents wouldn't be allowed to use Medicare since they never put money into the system through U.S. payrolls.

If there is a life or death emergency, then the parents can go to the ER and not need to pay if they have no health insurance [this was an Act signed by President Reagan].
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Hold on, whoever sponsored them into the US signed an agreement to be responsible for them. Read the agreement.
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Free health insurance (also called subsidized) from the government? Probably not because they have not been here for 5 years. I found a document and 2 web references that details Medicaid eligibility that should help answer some of your questions. Unfortunately, if a green card holder has been in the U.S. less than 5 years, their access to low income benefits is quite limited. They will have to pay extra for Medicare unless they have worked here for 40 quarters (basically 10 years). Part of the sponsorship documentation to get them into the U.S. explains at length that the individuals were admitted because they told the government that they were capable of supporting themselves without government assistance or would be able to do so with the help of the person sponsoring them.
Resources Information on non-citizen eligibility, application, and verification for Marketplace, Medicaid and CHIP eligibility
Information on Medicaid and CHIP eligibility for non-citizens
If you check with your Area Agency of Aging in your area of Virginia, you might get some churches or food pantries that work with low or no income residents. Unfortunately for your parents, Virginia has some of the most restricted access to public benefits in the country. If your parents were admitted as refugees or under a special program, talk with the lawyers that assisted you and they may have some additional options. Free help for new immigrants that are non-citizens is few and far between with the economy so tight right now.
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