It is exactly the same situation. My mum is 62 has had bloods and written test and they came back fine Although her memory is very bad She has been suffering with what seems like depression after My nan pasted away and being made redundant too last year has gone down hill very stressed,mood swings tired lack of eating the more stress the more forgetful Christmas day meal was waiting and ready Christmas eve she got the wrong day. And then I realised all the 20 prezzies where wrapped for the grandchildren with no names ... But now I can't seem to get her back to the doctors either and when I suggest it she gets very angry. I hope that you had some luck in your results with your mum and maybe you could let me no what the outcome is/was or ideas to help me further with my situation.
Kind regards.

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Does she live with you? It’s hard watching a parent decline.

Can you call and make an appointment for her? Tell her that you are concerned and she must go. Don’t phrase it as a question. Make it a statement.

Maybe she is afraid and needs some reassurance. Tell her no matter what the outcome is that you will help her receive the care that is needed. Best wishes to you and your mom.
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