He doesn't have any interest in anything. Is there a good activity or child's game anyone could suggest ?

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Last year I gave my dad some large print word-find books. He put them on a shelf and forgot all about them. Actually he wasn't real impressed to begin with, as he doesn't read or doing anything with print anymore! I'm not sure that anything material is really necessary, to be perfectly honest. He would probably just appreciate the company and fellowship of his family. That would be gift enough!
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Hi Lousey,
A bird feeder might be nice - you could set it up by a window and fill it so Dad could watch the birds. Or a butterfly bush. You can buy them at any place that sells plants and flowers. Plant it by a window and Dad can watch the butterflies. I have a few and the butterflies love them ( but so do the bees so if anyone is scared or allergic to bees maybe not such a good idea)

I found this thing called-"basketball game globe" at this store called Gabriel Brother's--kinda like a Big Lots-- it is a plastic globe set on a plastic base with a small hoop inside and a small basketball. It has a timer too but they don't have to use it. You try and make a basket by shaking the globe. Pretty easy to do and can help with hand eye coordination . It was 3 bucks. The full name is "a minute to go basketball game globe" Kinda cute.

A talking clock that says the time and date is a thought. My Mom often wants to know the time and the date --now she can push a button to know the day and date and it says the time as well which helps too, I think.

If you have a Dad that is not the elder with dementia but the caregiver you could make a gift basket out of these jokie gifts I made for my Dad's 80th b-day party for the guests. I made edible "Medical Alert "necklaces out of string licorice and a yellow oreo cookie. ( i didn't use cookies but these Easter candies that I doubt are out now) Make a hole in the cookie with a skewer and with a q tip make a red cross with food coloring. Strong the licorice through the hole and voila. I bought plastic bottles from a craft store and printed out Viagra labels and glued them on the bottles and filled with blue candies, I found little whoopie cushions in the birthday section at Target and wrote "Old Man Call" on them . And I added individually wrapped prunes, a small Kleenex package and a nutrition bar in each bag. The guests thought it was a hoot and boy did they laugh at the Viagra!!! These guys were all over 80 just about and they just hooted and hollered --thank goodness--I started to worry after I passed them out that they would be shocked but it was all good. Be sure Dad has a sense of humor. :0)

Ummm that's all I got. :0)
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