Good activities for a dementia patient who is mobile?


Does anyone have suggestions for activities when dementia patients are mobile? I hate for Mom to sit so much, fear pressure sores. Wondering if anyone can think of anything besides up and walking around the house? Thanks for any suggestions.



I have no first hand experience with dementia so please excuse if these suggestions aren't plausible for your mom.

If she is alright going out of the house with someone, going for a walk around the block or yard, even just sitting with someone outside is a nice change and some fresh air. 

As for her doing activities on her really depends on her level of motivation and engagement.

Would she be the sort to have a little dance with you round the living room to some of her favorite songs?

Maybe look up what activities adult daycare offers and adapt them to your mom's needs?

Best of luck to you and your mum; hopefully other members will chime in shortly.
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