Going on vacation. How do I give a temporary medical POA?


My mom has Alzheimers and I have been her primary caregiver since my dad died 2 years ago. I am finally going on vacation overseas for two weeks. My friend is staying at my place and taking care of my mother while I am gone. How can I give my friend temporary medical POA? Do I need to? What happens if my mom needs to be hospitalized while I am gone? I am her durable and medical POA. My brother, who lives in another state, is the substitue POA.

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sorry, didn't finish above.

I was saying she loves my friend and trusts her, which is a good thing. And my friend knows my mom well enough to advocate for her - I am just trying to make it easier on my friend should something happen.

I suppose if I am not reachable, the POA diverts to my brother and he can make any medical decisions.
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Thanks for all the advice!

I'll be using an app or Facebook messenger to be in touch while I travel, so I don't have to pay any more money to AT&T :) The hospital already has the POA on file as my mom broke her hip last year.

My mom's health is not precarious, it's just a precautionary measure. She's 80 years old. Last year she fell and broke her hip, something like that could happen again. I don't intend to change the HIPPA or POA and involve lawyers, I was just looking to see what I should do to protect my mom while I'm gone. She has a aphasia as well as Alzheimers and needs someone to advocate for her should something happen. She loves my friend

She has a DNR, which I will give my friend as well as copies of the POAs, insurance cards, doctors numbers. Anything else I should give her?
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Do you mean that your brother is the Secondary Durable POA and Secondary Medical POA?

Are you wanting to give your friend Temporary Medical POA because she will physically be taking care of your Mother while you are gone and you want her to be able to call the doctor or take your Mother to the hospital without having to call your brother beforehand? Have you discussed this with your brother about having your friend as Primary Medical POA while you are on vacation? What did your brother say?

Is your Mother's health so variable or precarious that you think that she will most likely have to be hospitalized while you are gone? Or are you having your friend be the Medical POA as a precaution?

Are you changing the HIPPA access to medication records also so that your friend can be told about your Mother's health problems?

What does Your Mother's Medical POA document state about the Secondary Medical POA? I think that whatever changes you make to the Medical POA will have to be made by a lawyer for the changes to be legally binding. Contact a lawyer and tell him/her what you want to do and find his/her advise.
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Some DPOAs authorize the proxy to add or appoint someone else. Mine does. Check the wording carefully to see if this authorization is included.
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You don't for your mom gave you POA and only she can give it to someone else. If there is a medical problem you can be reached by phone (I assume you have a cell phone) for you don't have to be physically present to make medical POA decisions. Durable POA work is a different matter. Also, you will need to contact your cell phone service provider and have them add an oversees program to your cell phone while you are out of the country so that they can call you. Give your friend the number. Give her doctor the number. See if the hospital will file a copy of her medical POA and attached your cell phone number so that they will know that you are the medical POA who needs to be contacted. If they can't do that, then give your friend a copy of the medical POA with how to contact you so that she can show the hospital people that you are the medical POA and how to reach you. On the other hand, you could set up your brother to be the on call Medical POA person while you are out of the country. The hospital and or doctor will still need to see a copy of the Medical POA and how to contact you so that they know you or your brother are who they need to talk to.

Your brother who is the substitute or some call secondary POA can somehow tend to paying bills and tending to other financial matters somehow, although he is in a different state. Can you somehow coordinate this with him in advance of leaving?
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