Her daughter is Deaf and legally Blind can we transfer assets to her?

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It’s a project for a elder law atty and disability attorney.
Not a DIY.
There’s lots of little things that make huge differences in being Ok for Medicaid and SSD. Like if daughter is still a legal dependent of her mom’s that’s different type of transfer than if daughter is an independent person. If she was disabled before 25, she might could do an ABLE account. If she needs a new custodian, as her mom acted as that but cannot anymore, that’s paperwork that needs to be done too.

Really call around to find a law firm that can deal with both.
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Is her daughter on SSD? If so, transferring money to her could effect her SSD, Medicare and Medicaid which she receives. They all could stop.
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I agree about getting professional and/or legal advice about the situation before transferring funds. It could have dire consequences. I'd explore the legal way to handle it properly.
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No no no! Gifting her assets will make her inevitable application to medicaid impossible and the influx of money will negatively impact her daughter's benefits as well. This is not a do it yourself project, seek out appropriate professionals (an attorney specializing in medicaid) who can set this up properly.
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