Thank you both for your wise answers!!! Sounds great!
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You can ask this doctor or the pharmacy if the medication comes in transdermal patch form. Then you can stick it on him somewhere he can't reach to get it off. FYI some medicines should not/never be crushed or cut, and often they are very bitter no matter what you put them in. Some medicines are time-released and cannot be crushed. Some gel caps are very difficult to crush or break and don't separate from the coating. Just went through this when my 20-ry old had a tonsillectomy-from-hell and could hardly swallow even his own saliva. Please read medicine labels as they will say if it should not be crushed, or ask the pharmacist first.
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Dsturgeon, my Mom didn't like to take her meds, so when the facility found out Mom loved chocolate ice cream, the pills were crushed into the ice cream. BINGO, WE HAVE A WINNER.
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