Getting to know about Mom's medical records is becoming a merry-go-round at the nursing home she is in. What can I do?


The nursing home that my Mom is in is refusing to give me information about her medical conditions, what can I do about this and since I am a guardian for that do I have to report what's happening with her and if so how often? What do I report when the nurses, social workers and the business office is telling me wait and I've been waiting for months to get the information?

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You r a guardian. Then you have the legal right to know what is going on. Ask who the doctor is caring for Mom and then call him. I was pretty much kept in the loop with Moms daily care even though I had a care meeting every few months. Your Mom is a resident not in jail. You are her representative. Do they have your guardianship on file. May have this spelled wrong but there is an Ombudsman that u can call. Number should be in your phonebook under government. You should have received paperwork of residents rights when she went to NH.
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Do you have regularly scheduled care meetings with senior staff? With my mom, they were scheduled every 90 days.
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