My husband and I are extremely worried about his 70 year old uncle, as we think he may have dementia. Out of the blue he has accused my husband of having a key to his cottage and stealing his mother's will ( she has been dead about 50 years) that was 2 months ago, and my husband was able to calm him down and he forgot about it. Now he is accusing my husband of breaking into his house and stealing the deeds to land and giving them to a man who we would only know to say hello to. He is a very quiet farmer who has lived a solitary, primative existence, with next to no modern conveniences. We built a house beside him 2 years ago and have been bringing him over for dinner every evening. We are at the end of our tether about this and dont know what to do, he seems fit and healthy in every other way. We know that he has never been to a doctor in his life, so the chances of him having a G.P. are slim, and there is no way we will be able to get him to a doctor. Any advice please? Many thanks

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This is a common problem, but you have an even worse case if he has no doctor at all. Does he have a friend who can talk with him? Or a clergy person? Many people do better with someone outside of the family, as the family is often views as "against them."

You can check with your local social services, as well, and the Alzheimer's Association to see if they can help. Good luck with this - you have good reason to worry.
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