She is 77 recieves 735.00 a month soc.sec. and lives in appartment pays rent with sec.8 voucher .has Cigna Health Spring Health Ins.Her husband died 2years ago and he looked after her n took care of her day to day needs.she is unable to really take or care for her self.she has left stove on bf n falls often forgets medicine forgets to eat or cant prepare the food.she is down to 74pounds now and calls ambulance atleast 2/3times month n is admitted to hospital each time for couple days this last time little over aweek n hospital.we've all tried to let her live with each of us ,but she is very difficult and stubborn and throws a total fit til we take her back home but when she got out hospital we took her to pay rent n they said she was suppose to go to court n she was being evicted n they didnt let her pay rent n said her stuff would be set out in 9more days .she will not stay with none of us and each of us has our own families and work so no one can devote the care n attention she is needing.PLEASE HELP US.What do we need to have or do to get her in a nursing home so they can make sure she is eating bathing taking medication and safe,THANKS SO MUCH

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Next time she goes into the hospital, you should tell the social worker ON THE FIRST DAY that she is unsafe at home (and/or on the street) and DO NOT sign her out of the hospital.
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Does she have a primary care doctor? I would talk with whomever has been tending to her medical needs. They should know the proper steps to take. You also could call local nursing homes and ask them what admissions procedures are. Hope this helps.
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