I helped my mom move back home to 24/7 doctor ordered live-in care. It was that or stay in the nursing home. She has dementia and has a walker. She is in denial of her limitations. I have gone through over 12 caregivers in 11 months. I have (2) great woman, now, who work in shifts. They are the best cooks, reliable, kind. My mother wants to fire them! I take her to her geriatric psychiatrist, so she can voice this to them. They and her primary care doctor, keep telling her: 24/7 home care or a nursing home. She calls me 20 times a day! I visit her, I am her conservator, I pay all her bills and make sure she has everything she loves to eat. When she was in the nursing home she was @ 77 pounds. Now she is at 107 pounds. I know it is the dementia. But what can I do to stop her from her obsession, thinking she can cook and do her own laundry? She cannot even get out of her chair without help. I feel sorry for the caregivers because she is blatantly rude to them about wanting them gone. My greedy sister in Florida, just calls and asks for money. Apparently, my mother was writing her huge checks, since 2002. The Probate Judge found out, and has told me to never write ANY checks to my sister, so I have complied. My mother wants to fire the caregivers so my sister can have the money. My blood pressure has been very high lately. I am not sure that I am good at this anymore. I try and remind her that if she continues to drive the caregivers out, she will inevitably end up back in a nursing home. I know I cannot reason with her, yet I continue to try. If I call her geriatric psychiatrist and report this (I did before) they will want her back in a nursing home. Then the whole family (who contested me as conservator because they all kept getting $$$) will blame me for her being back there again. They point fingers, yet offer no help or solutions. What a thankless job this is. Any advice please? Thank you~

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