My dad is 95 and has periodic dementia.

I have no problem dealing with police or rescue & emergency. I've dealt with double digits. There is a DNR on the door recommended by Rescue and signed off also on recommendation by hospital doctor. The hospital and rehabilitation center has one. He fell and two days later he called 911. He suffered bilateral hip injury and no fractures. He got shuffled from one hospital to another and they gave me the option to send him to rehabilitation center. Unfortunately, he is stubborn and doesn't know why he is there. After multiple visits from police and rescue. Police called the the county Adult Protection Services and met with him twice interviewing. On letter they said he is in no danger at the house. He uses a walker and moved around fine and did simple routines making his own breakfast and lunch. I do the dinner cooking. However instead of rehab center providing rehabilitation; he is getting worse physically and mentally. Now here is where the problem starts in. He does't like the place, staff, and environment he is in and wants to come home. I also have problem with that attitude and staff there. I absolutely have no problem with him coming home and bringing him home ASAP. I've already contacted a home health care services agency months back and ready for the green light or word go. Whether is a home health care agency or even hospice; they can not step foot into the rehab center. Only at home can they come. I'm on a excellent rapport with the County Adult Protection and update of current situation as his life is in danger at the Rehab Center and need to get him the hell outta there asap. They are going to follow up on the case. I preplanned care for him. My question is that if Rehab center can legally keep him based on their opinions on body mechanics or mentally and not discharge him into a safe place to be comfortable. This not first time I've been a family caregiver. It's just different episode and haven't gone through this type. My analogies are like this. ex. I'm a flight attendent on a plane and walk into pilots cabin. Pilots are either dead or passed out and I can't revive them. I had the ability to contact the control tower. Asking them how do fly this plane and never flown one before and full capacity of passengers and need to make a safe touchdown on runway. Other example. You go on sailboat and find out on ocean water the Captain is a nutcase and jumps off sailboat in ocean; also, you don't how to sail and sailboat. I know it's easier said than done. Make sure you make a good educated guess/ judgement observation of the captain, and boat before step aboard. In case of emergency have communication with land or other boats, have flairs, also would be very good if knowing how to sail a sailboat in case of a emergency

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