We need to get a wheelchair bound relative in a private assisted living home to a doctor and a dentist. Where can we go to rent such a van, or are there vans that will pick up patients and transport?

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My Mom's AL provided transportation.
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There are vans that provide this type of transportation. Search your area for "paratransit" and contact your local public transportation agency to get quotes. The doctor and/or dentists' offices might have lists as well.

Alzheimers' Assn is excellent for providing this kind of information; it compiles lists and e-mails them to you the same day. Area Agency on Aging could this also, but my experience in my area is that they prefer snail mail and I don't get the information for about a week.

You can also use the search function on this website. Here are a couple lists of hits on other questions on paratransit: transportation

Some of the hits for these searches may overlap, but you get a broader view of questions that have previously been asked and answered.

Good luck in finding what you need in your area.

BTW, if you'll be needing this type of transport in the future, you might want to check for an Area Agency on Aging branch in your area, contact them or look on their website to see if they sponsor a Caregiving Expo in the fall. In Michigan, there is one every fall, and there are dozens of exhibitors, some of which are those which provide paratransit service.

I collect a lot of brochures just in case I ever need that kind of assistance or something else that I wouldn't necessarily need now and am now really thinking of using. And if you do go to the Expo, take a small wheeled luggage carrier as all the literature you might want gets heavy very quickly. My typical take from one is these is over 15 pounds.
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