My parents are 81 years and 76 years. I am unemployed and I cannot afford to buy these things for them; they are in a nursing home in Puerto Rico. I cannot afford.

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We probably don't even think about it but there are poor in Nursing homes. People that have no family. When on medicaid they take your income to offset your care leaving you with a small amount for personnal items. In my Aunts case $30. What is $30 going to buy. So if you have someone in a nursing home and their clothing is in good shape and they have passed, think about donating it. My MIL had so many unused lotions and body soaps that my SIL made up a bag of items and gave it to a resident we had all met and enjoyed talking to.
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I've never seen a nursing home that didn't provide bed linens. I buy a lot of my dad's clothing at thrift stores as he stauns them and is changing pant sizes 1-2 times a year.
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You could also try Catholic Charities or contact some of the schools in San Juan. Academia Perpetuo Socorro in Miramar or Academia San Jose in Santurce. They have outreach programs. If you don'y have any luck send me a private message and I will try to out you in touch with someone. God Bless.
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If they are in a nursing home without these basic necessities, I would be on the phone calling the Puerto Rico Health Department. Contact the Puerto Rico Department of Health by phone or mail at: Phone: 1.787.765.2929
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