Doctors have told them both that they need to be in assisted living and they will not listed to them or me.

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Call a family meeting without the parents. Everyone needs to be on board and come up with contingencies plans. Sister can talk to mom about it on Monday, then Brother can bring it up in conversation a few days later. Don't overwhelm your parents but get the topic out there.

If it's just you with no family support you can slowly chip away at your parents but don't be a nag, you'll only alienate them and defeat your purpose. They don't care what the Dr. says because moving means the end of their independence (in their minds) and that's more important that what any old Dr. says. And the Dr. can't force them to move either.

If they flat out refuse there's nothing you can do. You can't force them to move. But you shouldn't have to pay for their stubbornness. If you are spending a lot of time at their house taking care of things back off a little, see what happens. Just because they refuse to move doesn't mean that the responsibility of caring for them automatically goes to you.

If you feel the time is right ask that they tour a couple of places with you. Have a couple of appointments set up and just ask that they go with you. No signing papers, no heavy sell. Just LOOOK at the place and have a nice lunch.

If you search this site you will find other people who have been in your position. Check it out and see if you can find some other ideas there.
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Looking forward to this answer; as my mother's Primary Care physician recommended the same thing and she adamantly refuses.
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