I take care of Mom and Dad. I go to the store, doctors, scripts from pharmacy, do their bills, keep up their car. Dad has dementia and is incontinent. They say he makes too much for Medicaid 2000.00 after paying all bills they have a hundred and ten bucks for food and scrips Idid get them meals on wheels mom is 77 Dad is 79 Im also on disability. It would be cheaper but who would pay they can't afford it and Im single thank you KC

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Other sources of help. Florida Sunshine program for prescription assistance 800) 963-5337

Energy assistance LIHEAP

Food pantries: Park Avenue and Ridgewood ave.
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katcorby, oh I think it would be great if a person could be paid for all the hours they work to take care of their parent or grandparent or aunt or uncle or spouse or child. But the money would need to come from the taxpayers to foot the bill which mean our taxes would go sky high. The general public will never vote *yes* to higher taxes.

So instead, the States and Federal Government offer Medicaid to help in situations like this, where Medicaid will pay for nursing home care which is less expensive then paying for 3 shifts of caregivers at home. Some States Medicaid offer programs to give a caregiver a small minimum wage salary for a few hours of work [but as Guest had mentioned above it could cause an issue if you get disability pay].... as we all know caring for an elder means eventually working 168 hours a week.

Interesting, reading someone in their 70's need help when I myself will be 70 and I am helping my Dad with the same things you are doing for your parents, and my Dad is in his mid-90's.

Please note that a vast majority of grown children who take care of their parent do so without any pay.... unless the parent can pay that grown child.
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Kat, if you are on disability, you are considered to be unable to perform substantial work. So if you were to be paid for caregiving your parents, it could cause you to lose your disability.
2. Check with your local Area Agency on Aging. Perhaps they know of other programs that your parents would qualify for. Unfortunately, Medicaid is the primary waiver program that pays for in home care. It will NEVER pay for 24 hours 7 days per week care and if you are paid by a government program to care for your parents, again your disability might be at risk. At the least, you would owe taxes on anything you made.
3. If the prescriptions are too expensive, check with doctor or pharmacy. They often know of programs that will help cover part of the cost of prescriptions or the cost of prescription insurance coverage. Sorry it so difficult for you, the support system for caregivers of the elderly is broken.
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