My Mom has Type 2 diabetes and my dad has half his face removed on the left side, I do everything for them. My mom has had 2 surgeries on her back. She has had both knees replaced and her Gallbladder taken out.She wears a brace on her right foot due to a drop-foot. She has Type 2 Diabetes and takes insulin 6 to 10 times a day and 10 different medications a day, some 2 to 3 times a day plus Humalog and Levemire (insulin). I give her meds and shots to her and I cook and clean, I do the laundry and make sure she gets to and from her appointments. I take care of her 100%. My Dad takes blood thinners and he has almost lost the sight in his right eye due to sun cancer. They had to remove a good portion of his face on the right side. I make sure he takes his meds and I cook for him too. I make sure he gets to and from his appointments. On the 3rd of each month my dad and I go and pay their bills.
I am 43 years old and I am a single parent. I have 2 small children at home Taylor is 10 and AJ is 8, I take care of them also. You can say I juggle a lot or I have a lot on my plate. I say both.

So my Question is can I get paid for being their caregiver and where do go to get paid?

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You certainly are doing a lot!

Your parents can, of course, pay you. Do they have the income/assets to be able to do that?

I don't know how things work in Georgia, but a good way to start might be to ask their county's Department of Human Services to come to their house and do a Needs Assessment. Be there during to appointment. Sometimes elders don't like to admit they need help.

We did this with our mother. The social worker determined that it would be best for Mom to apply for Medicaid, and that she would be eligible for some help with laundry, housekeeping, a nurse visit, managing her medication, meals on wheels, and some financial help with medical costs. My brother got paid for the housekeeping and laundry. A few years later Mom moved in with a daughter. Daughter charged her room and board (same amount she was paying for subsidized housing, much lower than the going rate) and the county also paid her for some hours of caregiving. My brother continued to do housekeeping (for Mom's area of the house, not for my sister!) When Mom finally needed a higher level of care, the administrative transition to a Nursing Home was easy.

So I think the first step is to get an official assessment of what your two parents need, by someone who also knows very well what federal, state, and local programs might be available to meet the needs. In some cases they may arrange for professionals (such as a visiting nurse) to lighten your load. For some things they MIGHT pay you. (This varies by state.)

You have a lot on your plate, You must be a very caring person. I hope that you can tap into programs set up to help the elderly infirm, and that will lessen some of the stress in your life!
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I thought the only way you can be paid is if they have no means of paying for outside help. Then, you get certified and can be paid by the State. At least I THINK this is how it works. But, if they have worked hard, saved etc., I believe they must agree to pay you privately
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