My mom and I were never close. But i was very close to my dad. After my dad died, my youngest brother who had been MIA for years came to california, sold my parenst home and moved my mom to Arkansas. A few years later my Uncle (dads brother died) I cleaned out his aprtment and found he had a sizable living trust, plus life insurance and bank accounts. When I asked my mother and brother about this thye cut off all contact. I finally tracked my brother and mom down and sent an email asking to speak to my mom. I had been trying to communicate with her for years. My brother told me I was too late , she had a stroke and couldnt speak, and that I should have been a better daughter. I called Adult protective services because I felt he was not allowing me to communicate with my mother. They went to the house, and found my mother in a chair alone, unable to hear or speak, or walk. They took her o the hospital and say she will be placed in a nursing home. My brother will be charged.
My question is: I certain my brother has been spending my moms money and Im certain I didnt get what my uncle wanted me to have. I never got anything when my dad died. So, do I get an attorney, file for conservator? Try and get what is legally mine? Or do I just let it be?
My brother told me initially mom was in debt and had a reverse mortgage, now he says that was a lie... Should he get away with it, keep living in the house? or do I evict him and sell it?
Do I send the information to social worker she requested (how much my parents home sold for? My uncles documents)

i dont know what to do!<p/>

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You're right, I'd get myself a lawyer and let them sort this out. Your brother is a thief and a liar so far, time to get some answers and get to the truth.
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