She wants to stay up at night, get up early and then cat nap all day long. It is beginning to wear on us. I go back to work next week and need to get her on a schedule. She also gets very restless after supper and often becomes combative and argumentive when taking her medicine and bathing. We have to force the issue to get her to change clothes and bath. Her doctor tells us that she is in stage 6 and has recommended that she be placed into a long term care facility. With my brother moving further away, we now have no one to share the load with. We are in the process of trying to obtain guardianship as she will not give us power of attorney. Any suggestions as her mood swings are getting worse each day and it is wearing on all of us.

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Hi, we just had to place my mother due to her progression. I also work fulltime and she was going to daycare during the day. She started not sleeping at night. I would check on her and find her sitting on her bed going through things.. Then she started getting sick alot.. She also would get restless before bed and start sundowning. It was sad but her level of care was too much to manage at home and work fulltime. The stress and problems become overbearing. Your mom is probably sundowning. My mother would start hers around 5:30 every evening..
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I would suggest changing her bath time to a different time of day if possible, she probably gets too wound up after having an evening bath, when she starts to cat nap during the day.. wake her up, and finally could she have a brandy or sherry in the evening to relax her? Who will be caring for her when you go back to work?
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