One that will sense if he's fallen.

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I went with "AcadianOnCall" for a few reasons. No contract, they had fall detection, and they didn't pressure me to buy. Very happy with their service.
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Now, all I have to do is put it on my mother's front gate without her seeing....
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Looloo, glad my suggestion helped. I even need to get one for me, especially for those times when I lock myself out!

We got ours at Lowe's or Home Depot - don't remember which one.

Ours is something like this:

There's a sliding panel which can be slid down to reveal the 4 number code to set. The house key is inside and unless someone is a master code breaker, can't be accessed any other way to my knowledge.
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GardenArtist, the lockbox is a fantastic idea - one which I wish I'd thought of ages ago! I am looking into getting one right now :)
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After review of various devices and making several phone calls to get information, I decided on a Guardian Alarm pendant, for various reasons:

1. The Guardian rep was forthcoming, honest and helpful. Most of the companies which advertise in AARP magazines and bulletins didn't want to talk about their devices - they wanted a name and address to send literature.

2. Some reps didn't return my phone call for a few days. I wasn't impressed with their response time.

3. There were various claims made for GPS wander management, with some ads stating that their device could follow someone everywhere. The Guardian rep told me that GPS devices still had limitations in terms of "everywhere management", that it had tried different ones and was still checking them out.

He was the only one who was honest. I wanted that rather than boastful claims of what a device allegedly could but might not do.

That was sometime ago, though, so the GPS technology may be more accurate now. However, at the time that was the situation and the rep was honest about it rather than claiming it could be entirely accurate as some ads alleged.

4. After getting the device, we learned how sensitive it is.. It's activated sometimes if my father just bends over. It activates when he falls, immediately. Response from Guardian monitoring staff is within a few seconds.

I'm pleased and have no regrets about purchasing this service, from this company. It really gives me peace of mind, especially when I can't reach my father - I know if he had fallen, I would have received a call from Guardian.

(I'm NOT a Guardian employee or stockholder!)

We also purchased a lock box for the front door and attached it next to the door. If a fall occurs, EMS can get in more quickly than I can drive to the house. When I call, I give them the code, which can be changed after any use (not that I worry about EMS releasing the code improperly).

We bought the lock box that's screwed into a stud next to a door; we looked at the box that is like a lock with a handle, but Dad said it could be cut with a bolt cutter. So obviously that wasn't safe.
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