He gets angry when I tell him it is night. Sometime he thinks we are in a motel or apartment and wants to go home.

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I read about a forward looking care home that used a snack technique. They would say to the night wanderer, "let's sit and have a snack." The caregiver would share a quick light snack with the wanderer and then the caregiver would say something like, "I think it's about bedtime now." The person nearly always had forgotten the "errand" that was so necessary and would go back to bed. It's another form or distraction and redirection.

Pointing out it's night and not the time to be up is generally unproductive simply because logic doesn't work on someone with dementia.

It never hurts to check with the doctor in case there's an underlying cause. However, this is not unusual behavior with people who have dementia, so if the doctor doesn't have suggestions try the snack approach. I know that having a snack at that time isn't likely your idea of a good time, but it's easier than fighting a losing battle.

Please keep checking back to let us know how you're doing.
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Have you talked to his doctor about this? Is this a change in mental status? Changes in mental status need to be reported to the doctor, because they may indicate a need for a change in medication, or the start of an infection.

You can't really reason with someone with dementia, but you could reassure him that you'll be going home in morning, you just all need to get a good night's sleep first.
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