She is 98 years old and in an assisting living and they don't have enough to pay for all of the assisting living bill because they have to pay for the above items.

She has congested heart failure, AFIB, High Blood Pressure, Had a stroke in 2008, Fell in 2015 and broke her hip and had to have a Valvuloplasty heart procedure before her hip could be replaced because of not enough blood flow going to hip area to replace hip. They want to do a TAVR on her because of her Calcified Aortic Valve and she is afraid to have it done. She can not walk now and her left foot turns inward toward her other foot since the hip surgery. She trys to help them transfer her to the toilet and into bed by pivoting slowly with her feet while they hold her up.

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I don't know if you can deduct assisting living costs in order to get Insurance or Medicaid. She can't afford insurance or personal items like depends, pads, diapers, shampoo, Etc,. because of the amount to take care of her in assisting living. I don't know if Medicaid can deduct that cost to take care of someone in order to get help like spin down?
Her income you see from SS and VA is not enough to even pay for her Assisted Living payment and that leaves her without $$ for the amount needed at Assisted living and leaves her without the $$ for insurance and medicines but you can't explain it that way on their forms. Her SS check and VA check does go over the amount required for applying for Medicaid.
Thank you for mentioning a Miller Plan, I've never heard of that. She is in South Carolina.
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Has she applied for Medicaid? Even if she makes above the level of income set by your state, there are options to set up Miller trusts that can qualify her for help. Medicaid can help with medical equipment, diapers, etc. The AARP supplemental insurance? not sure if that has help available but Medicaid caseworker should be able to help. If she is married, and you have a community spouse, then a lawyer is your best bet to make sure that you have organized all finances to help preserve the correct amount of assets for spouse living in the community. Your Area Agency of Aging in your city/state/county can help you get phone numbers in your area to start the process or there may be a social worker connected to the assisted living that can refer you.
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