My mother is 90 years old and still very much capable of living by herself. The house she lives in is in dire need of structural repair. The bathroom floor is falling in along with one of the bedroom floors. She is not financially or physically able to have these repairs done. I am concerned about her physical well being and her emotional well being. She has lived in that house for over 50 yrs and does not want to leave it. Any help would be appreciated.

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Start with the local community's senior center or building or code enforcement and ask if they get HUD funds to emergency repairs. It might take some time for some of the repairs, but things like the bathroom floor are a potential emergency. In my experience, the grants communities get are generally for emergencies.

Contact the local Area Agency on Aging; they have a "Same Address" program that helps locate chore services for elders. I've only contacted them once; the chores aren't free, but you might be able to work something out.

Call your local county and state as well to determine if there are agencies that can help, either with grants or with recommendations to other agencies.

Habitat for Humanity and Christmas in April also provide (to the best of my knowledge) free home repairs. In some areas, churches also help, but as I recall, the same church might provide help in some areas of the US but not in others.

There's always the news stations; they seem to enjoy sharing hard luck stories, and are able to get contractors to volunteer their time.

There might, however, be an issue of whether or not the repairs are too extensive to make, as the bathroom floor issue might be one. Be aware that the house might be condemned if that's the situation.

It might even be something to consider that the house could be sold to a flipper and your mother moved to a safer place, such as an apartment. I understand that she wants to stay there, but if she's injured by deteriorating structural issues, that changes the dynamic considerably.
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I would ship her to some distant relatives for a week and get the repairs done while she is gone.
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I have always believed that if a person can no longer afford to maintain a house, it is time to downsize. I know it doesn't sound fair, being that your Mom had lived there for 50 years.

You can call the Agency on Aging and see if there are any volunteer groups who could come out to repair the floor. But what happens when next month the furnace needs to be replaced, or the plumbing fixed? I remember one time in a house where I had 3 major appliances give up and needed total replacement, that was expensive.

If Mom could afford to do this, she could move into Independent Living where she would feel safe and you can rest more easily. She would have full control of her own apartment, her own kitchen, etc. Plus she could make new girlfriends of her own generation. Some facilities offer in their rent a menu meal for supper. No worry about her falling and no one finding her... no worry about the power going out and she being cold in winter... and there is transportation to local stores. It's something to think about. Or check out senior apartments where rent is based on one's income.

As for Mom's house, she can sell it "as is". First get a licensed Appraisal so you have a market price guide, then get a Realtor who works with flippers.

Good luck, my Mom at 98 didn't want to leave her home, either... my Dad, on the other hand, was ready for senior living.
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