He was 88 when he signed a poa for my sister(who has had 2 previous ones revoked) she and his attorney are financially exploiting him they are paying agencies off including aps and law enforcement. She wont let me see him and they wont make her she lives in the home with him and abuses drugs but yet thats the reason I cant see him is because of drugs. He is like a hostage with few visitors and of course only at her approval. I cant get any help from anyone. He is wealthy and she is stealing my inheritance and abusing him emotionally and financially. Somebody somewhere needs to listen I know this sister of mine we have the same dna. My mothers death in 2014 is included in this conspiracy . Parents revoked a power of attorney she had filed at courthouse and 21 days later she died but again no help from law enforcement say no foul play involved after she died her interest transferred to daddy, his attorney took daddys power of attorney, kept it 3 months and she revoked it and gave it back to herself

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