My mother has dementia and has lived with us for 8 months. In the beginning she was pretty self sufficient by she recently got bronchitis and this has just made her completely helpless. This has escalated over the last 2 weeks and i am just burnt out. I have still have to work full-time so i can not be here 24 hours a day to take care of her. I believe she would be better in a facility - maybe not be so depressed and actually have others around to befriend but also have the care she needs. The problem is she only lives on Medicare and we are not in a position to pay for a facility for dementia patients. They cost at least to $4500/month.

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I feel your pain, my mom has lived with me for 3 years now and one of the other siblings has access to her finances but won't share. I am having to get an attorney involved, which is really pathetic, but I'm just trying to find out where her income level is as to whether she is eligible for Medicaid. Medicare doesn't cover much of anything, unfortunately. Medicaid, however, will pay the whole amount from what I understand. But I know with it being government controlled, there are things that you will need help with so find someone in your area that specializes in Medicaid and get their help. There are some agencies that help you with the paperwork and bill Medicaid after the acceptance. I'm located in New York, but I would hope all other states have some avenue of assistance. Good Luck.
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Medicaid refers to this as "HCBS" home and community based services. An Assisted Living facility is considered HCBS as opposed to a Nursing Home which is referred to as long-term care. If she is a widow of a wartime veteran, the VA can also help.
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Investigate applying for Medicaid.
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